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  • 15.01.2017 kl. 13:43

Fun Fact Friday #7

☀️ Did you know...  Odontophobia is a phobia where you have a fear of teeth. Must be difficult!

☀️ Did you know...   In a survey done in 2008, 80% of young people in Britain responded that they thought Sherlock Holmes was a real person. 20% thought Winston Churchill was fictional. Do not know what the schools in Britain are doing, but hope something must change!

☀️ Did you know... The light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison, several sources claiming he was afraid of the dark.

☀️ Did you know...  If the characters in The Simpsons had grown older over the years with the television seasons, Bart Simspons had now been older than what Marge was in the first episode.

☀️ Did you know... At the roof of the "The Supreme Court" building in the United States there is a basketball court. It is often called "the highest court in land".

☀️ Did you know...  The testicles for a blue whale are as big as a volswagen beetle. Getting strange to drive in a beetle now, yes?



Fun Fact Friday #6

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  Good morning! I am now heading out the door to travel to Bologna Italy, but I thought I should post a Fun Fact Friday since I did not do it during Easter. So here we go! : D

☀️ Did you know that ... Humans are the only animal, with monkeys, who have sex face to face.

☀️ Did you know that ... The world's largest toy distributor is Mc Donalds. And over 1.5 million people work at McDonalds!

☀️ Did you know that ... During a year you will shake hand with six men who have masturbated without washing their hands afterwards.

☀️ Did you know that ... Sonys very first product was a rice boiler

☀️ Did you know that ... If you shake your head in Albania, it means you agree, not disagree.


Have a great weekend!




Fun Fact Friday #5

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Who's ready for the weekend? I'm very excited about it! I am not completely ill, but still feeling a little under the weather, so I will not do anything today, but tomorrow it will be more exciting "adventures" coming up. Regardless! Here's the week's Fun Fact Friday!

☀️ Did you know that ... Google's owners offered to sell to Excite in 1999, to a sum of less than a million dollars. Excite turned them down. Today, Google is worth over $ 570 billion. "Try not to dwell in the past" yyeeaah...

☀️ Did you know that ... It is said that Walt Disney was afraid of mice. Exposure therapy has never given anyone such a success before!

☀️ Did you know that ... The weight of all ants in the whole world is heavier than the weight of all people in the world.

☀️ Did you know that ... Hostess in Visit Troms (tourist centre in Norway), Kyle Parsonage, in 2013 told Radio chanel P4 about American tourists and their ignorance when coming to Norway. He told P4 about Americans who asked questions like "when we plug in the midnight sun" and someone actually wanted their money back when they discovered the midnight sun it was the same sun that was there during the daytime.

☀️ Did you know that ... Platypus, which in itself is a fun fact to exist, is a mammal that actually puts eggs!

☀️ Did you know that ... During a year you will swallow about 14 insects while you lay asleep and you will eat 12 pubic hairs through fast food and similar takeaway. Yeeeeey .... It reminds me of one time me and Erling ordered a Pizza from Peppes, and we had to call and get the money back because the pizza had sickly a lot of hair in it! Not only three or fore hair straws. But it looked as if someone had sprinkled loose short hairs as if it was a pizza topping. They offered us a new pizza. We thanked no. There was not pizza for a while!


God helg!


Fun Fact Friday #4

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Friday is here and this weekend is stuffed with amazing fun! Both a little me-time, training for a dance video I was invited to do, dance workshop in Horten, party, concert, girlfriend night, open training with Radix and maybe audition for the Norwegian hip hop national team. Ooh, what a weekend! This will be awesome! But anyway! Before that time it has been set for Friday's solid touches; Fun Fact Friday!

🙊 Did you know that .. During female orgasm, the body will produce a lot of painkillers and is therefore a good cure for both headaches and menstrual pain. So no more excuses, maybe?

🙊 Did you know that ... Every person has 1-9kg of bacteria on his/her body. Do not hope anyone of you reading this has OCD?

🙊 Did you know that ... Dogs living in town live on average three years longer than dogs in the countryside.

🙊 Did you know that ... The average four-year-old asks about 400 questions a day.

🙊 Did you know that ... The starfish can grow out of an arm if it loses it. And the arm can also be a whole new body! Very nice way of re-producing you ask me! Get away from the awkward dates or nine months pregnancy ;-)


Fun Fact Friday #3

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🌿 Did you know that .. The oldest condom that has been found dates back to 1640. It was made of bowels from fish and animals.

🌿 Did you know that .. Because of our large consumption of plastic (which eventually ends up in the ocean and breaks down to very small pieces of micro-plastic), some researchers made a scary finding in sea salt used for our food. In 15 of 16 different brands of sea salt, micro-plastic was found. There is therefore a high likelihood that you will eat some plastic when you salt or eat salty food today.

🌿 Did you know that .. People almost loses 20kg of skin during life and change their entire outer skin layer once a month.

🌿 Did you know that .. Elephant flocks are led by a female elephant. A so-called matriarch. Studies show that elephant babies growing up with their grandmother have eight times greater chance of survival than those who grow up without their grandmother.

🌿 Did you know that .. Every year, an average of 4,500 left-handed people die in accidents where they used equipment intended for right-handed.

🌿Did you know that .. In 2017, an American named Corey Taylor tried to fake his own death, just to escape a contract with a mobile company. 

Hege Kristin

15.01.2017 kl. 13:52
h, s gy :D

aldri vrt der fr!

Iselin Rene

15.01.2017 kl. 15:08
Nei har ikke vrt der fr, god tur :)

Ida verland

15.01.2017 kl. 16:06
damn girl! du er heldig! kos deg maks maks!<3


15.01.2017 kl. 19:58
s gy, har veldig lyst til reise dit!

Seline Ekelund

16.01.2017 kl. 15:32
Jeg har aldri vrt der! :) nsker deg en fin dag!
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